Sheepdog Response and Tim Kennedy

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Sheepdog Response and Tim Kennedy

Our site hasn’t gone live yet [but if you are reading this, it obviously has] and if you notice, in our image carousel at the bottom, there are a number of product logos~ they’re not GAFF, they are, as the title states, products we support by regular use by Veterans we trust — moreover, in some cases, members of the SASVC brand team, have used the products in combat, or employed them in [combat] support of some of the [now civilian] leaders of the private companies we are displaying for you to peruse.

One of them — RangerUp and Sheepdog Response. I’m not an MMA fanboy, but I know excellence when I see it — Sheepdog, of which TK helped form, was hands down some of the best [weapons] training I’ve ever had. Some of the people taking the course had never shot before and bought these honker ass weapons just for the event. Each instructor, including TK, treated everyone with respect, as a mentor should – you can expect nothing less from a former Green Beret engaged in instructing the average Joe civilian.

“Despite over twenty years in the military, in multiple service components, the weapons training I received in two days with Sheepdog Response topped anything I ever learned in the Navy, or the Air Force as a Battlefield Airman.”

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